Web Design and SEO

MAXamize Design also offers website development.  Whether you are looking for a simple 5 page site for your business or a complex multi-page responsive website, the folks at MAXamize Designs can help you achieve your website goals.

We offer a variety of different packages for website development.

Homestead Development - This is the customization of a Homestead website.  Homestead offers a basic $8 / month hosting package.  We will go in and customize the site to meet your specific needs and goals and optimize it for SEO.  These sites are typically complete within a few days to a week.

  homestaed website design 

WordPress Development - If you are looking for something the next level up this is where you would want to be.  WordPress sites are some of the easiest sites available.  They are great especially if you want to do simple updates yourself.  They offer a variety of designs including RESPONSIVE.  Responsive websites basically fit to the user's choice of browsing.  Mobile, computer, tablet, etc.  Responsive websites basically fit to the device's output size.  These sites are more complex and do take a bit longer to develop.  They can be as complex or as simple as our customers needs.

Rigid Website  Rigid Components Website  website design rigid canada      FET Labs Website  dpc industrial website 


SEO / Search Engine Optimization - If your site is up and ready to go the next step is to have it optimized.  There are a lot of different ways we can tweak your site to help it improve in the rankings for Google, Bing and Yahoo.   We offer a variety of packages depending on how much work you want done each month.  To learn more about our SEO packages send an email to carrie@maxamizedesigns.com