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With knowledge of advertising, media, graphic design, retail, construction, sales, marketing, social media, trade shows, event marketing, internet marketing, website development and everything in between - we have what it takes to make your company and your next project GREAT!

What we do

We offer all of the products and services you would get from having your own internal marketing department

  • Marketing
    Marketing is a very broad term, however we like to think marketing is any medium that you use to get your message out to your customers.  This can be through brochures, trade shows, your website, even your on hold message. Complete marketing services is basically all of…
  • Printing
    Printing services naturally follow any marketing plan.  Whether you need brochures to hand out at your next networking event or open house signs for your real estate business - the folks at Maxamize Designs can take care of all of your printing needs, economically and in a…
  • Graphic Design/Web Design
    Graphic design is the electronic layout of your marketing message via your logo or brochure, but also comes into play when designing and developing a website.  You want the overall look of your company to be consistent from start to finish. Whether you are just starting out …
  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing is becoming one of the largest growing forces online today.  In addition to building your network you can promote events, showcase projects, run sales/specials and inform your followers about your company. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google - they all work together to help build your…

How we help?

We are here when you need us to create or assist in any and all of your marketing needs.  Whether you need a small fix to a Word Doc or a new website or brochure, our team is here to help.

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